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UF PPC trainees provide professional presentations to health professionals. They develop educational materials for patient and/or provider education. UF trainees also develop and participate in community projects. UF trainee activities and product development may be completed as part of, or independent from, trainee capstone projects.

Kaley Mialki developed a cookbook for families, centered on foods provided by a local food pantry. The cookbook can be found here.

Angela Hoppe, PPC Social Work Trainee, initiated and completed a project in which she interviewed incarcerated woman provided oral histories for their children. The following poster describes the project.

Jenna Gonzalez, long term education trainee, took a leadership role in the development of the four course, online, graduate UF certificate in Education-Health Care Transition (collaboration between the education transition and healthcare transition processes- https://education.ufl.edu/education-healthcare-transition/what-is-edhct/ ) She contributed to the writing of a White Paper on the topic.

The UF PPC now provides training experiences in Pediatric Sleep Clinic. Kaley Mialki and Alexandra Dati long term nutrition trainee presented a poster on the role of the registered dietitian in pediatric sleep clinic.

Rebekah McDonald developed a brochure for parents of young children, providing educational, no-cost activities/games that parents can do with children while waiting to see the team in clinic.

Brandon Seay, PPC pulmonary fellow, presented a case report of a patient in an acute severe asthma exacerbatio whose condition worsened due to lactic acidosis as a result of the use of albuterol (a commonly used treatment in asthma).

Scott Ryals’, PPC sleep fellow, evaluated the ability of chest wall EMG using surface electrodes to classify apneas as obstructive, mixed, or central, as compared to approaches usually relied upon and found this to be a clinically useful tool. Read the full article here.

Sabrina Scarpati, PPC long term social work trainee, developed a brochure for families and providers, outlining national groups and foundations that provide financial assistance to families of children with cystic fibrosis and chronic illness more generally.

PPC medium term nutrition trainees routinely write blogs for the local Area Health Education Center website. The following samples discuss pediatric sleep related topics.

Jordana Goldman, long term anthropology and social work trainee, developed a film about the UF PPC interdisciplinary team. The following is a poster of her project, “Bridging the Gap.”

Charlotte Streetzel, long term trainee in pre-medicine, conducted independent qualitative research on coping strategies used by teens with cystic fibrosis, drawn from transcripts of videos made by these teens. Her work resulted in both a poster and a publication.

Additional trainee products and trainee products from previous years can be found here.

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